21st Century Skills and Knowledge Wonderland

    21st Century Skills and Knowledge Wonderland

    21st Century Skills and Knowledge Wonderland 400 225 IBT

    Preparing a student for the world that doesn’t yet exist is not an easy task for any teacher. Step back and look at that picture from a broad perspective, what are the critical 21st-century skills students need to survive and succeed in our world? What abilities and traits will serve them in a time that’s changing and developing so rapidly?

    Lewis Carroll comes to mind, when he wrote about a Wonderland, he described a world full of marvels and wonder, strange, beautiful and exciting – the perfect description for a 21st Century Skills and Knowledge Wonderland.

    But what does that Wonderland look like? Using an IBT touchscreen and Hive interactive software, Funmi Idawu has created a resource that illustrates some of the skills learners today will need to thrive tomorrow.

    “The team are delighted to be working in collaboration with Funmi Idowu to present a picture of the 21st Century Skills and Knowledge Wonderland for educators. We hope once you’ve interacted with Funmi’s wonderful digital art, falling into such a Wonderland won’t feel so much like falling into the unknown”.

    Request a copy of this resource to use in your own classroom.

    The download will include several files so that you can:

    • Build your own Wonderland – a blank themed page so you can add the skills and knowledge you want to focus on.
    • Use the complete picture (image)
    • Choose individual icons and descriptions suitable for use on a dark or light background.
    • Print the complete page as shown above (PDF).

    If you’re using the Hive interactive software, you can simply drag and drop the content you want onto the page.

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