Let the ideas flow

Nexus Collaborate is part of the Hive software – participants use their own Android, iPad and Windows devices to connect to a Nexus Collaborate session and collaborate on the front of room interactive display for everyone to see. Collaborate digitally – no paper waste.

Present, share, teach.

Start a Nexus Collaboration session and share you digital whiteboard content with all the devices in the room on the same wi-fi connection.

Set the same task for all participants or set individual or group tasks.

Two way communication for free-flowing collaboration

Collaborate on content for everyone to see, with the participant of your choice.

Set permissions to allow a participant to contribute to a session and just easily take back control.

Showcase ideas

Screen mirroring allows participants to show their work to the room from their device (at your discretion). A truly collaborative environment which fosters a sharing of ideas and learning together.

Participants also have a private ‘pull down’ area where they can make notes that can be hidden when they are projecting their device for everyone to see.

Their thoughts and ideas the way they’ll remember

Participants can save Nexus Collaboration content on their devices (with the option to save individual pages); adding their own notes and annotations perfect for creating their own reference material.

Send and receive files without having to use other software

Hosts can allow participants to send them files during a Nexus Collaboration session. Hosts can also send files to all or selected participants.

With the ability to add a due date and additional notes, send file becomes a convenient way to share documents during a session without having to rely on emails back and forward.

Assess, test or get feedback from your audience

Start a Nexus Response session and participants can use their devices to take part in questionnaires/votes/tests/feedback or quizzes.

Great for receiving feedback or starting discussion. Results are automatically collated once the response session is completed and can be viewed by question, or individually. Gauge levels of understanding and tailor the rest of the session to areas of weak understanding.



Nexus Collaborate is a feature of the HIVE software. A standard HIVE licence comes with 5 Nexus participant licences allowing 5 users to connect to a collaboration session. Additional Nexus participant licences can be purchased separately, single pack and 30 pack participant licences are available.