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IBT interactive displays include subscription free software that is easy-to-use. With no costly ongoing subscription fees to pay, choose IBT without worrying about licensing fees eating into your budget.


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Flexible Digital Whiteboarding

One of the most flexible whiteboarding platforms on the market. Hive combines digital whiteboarding, collaboration, multiple file support, cloud integration, assessment, voting and feedback in ONE solution, reducing adoption costs. The interactive mini apps to help enhance presentation styles. Open your SMART and Promethean files – no subscription fees to pay. Word & PowerPoint files can also be opened, and you can also use tools outside of the digital whiteboard canvas.

Wireless Cross Platform Collaboration

Once you have Hive open, it’s incredibly easy to host a Nexus collaboration session and allow participants to connect wirelessly using their own iPads, Android or Windows devices. Participants can then contribute to content on the shared digital whiteboard for everyone to see. Participants can also send files to the host and receive files just as easily – no need for separate systems.

Assessments, Feedback & Voting

During a Nexus collaboration session, send participants pre-set questionnaires, feedback or assessment questions to complete on their own devices. Set a start and finish time and once the session is finished, results are automatically tallied for you to view immediately either by question or by participant, no need for separate voting systems.

Open SMART & Promethean Files

Want to move away from subscription based software and still have access to your SMART and Promethean files? Hive offers users SMART and Promethean support, open your files with all the layering and animation intact – no need to have the original software installed.

Digital Whiteboarding

Want engaging mini-apps and tools for presentations but don’t need collaboration, cloud integration or SMART & Promethean support: choose Nuc, (Hive’s baby brother). We’ve designed Nuc so it looks similar to Hive to reduce the learning curve for users.

Quick Whiteboarding

A streamlined Android based digital whiteboard with pens, shapes, lines and different colored backgrounds. Just walk up to the touchscreen and start. We’ve designed iFlipChart so it looks similar to our other software to help reduce your learning curve.

Drag and Drop files from the Cloud

Log into your Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive cloud accounts and you can drag and drop files from directly within the Hive Digital Whiteboard onto the page and get working quickly and effectively – no need to move in and out to access your files.

Access your software just as easily

It’s also just as easy to continue using your existing software such as Word, PowerPoint, Skype or Zoom. We’ve made it easy for you to use what works for you. Move quickly between Android apps, Windows software or connected Mac’s using the easy on-screen display (or included remote control).

Easy access to you legacy resources

Hive opens SMART .notebook and Promethean files with all the layers and animation intact. No need to have the original software installed – save money on subscription fees and keep access to your existing resources.