Bring your teams together, share ideas and work seamlessly together

Incorporate modern touch technology with outstanding features into your business and make collaborating on projects dynamic. Host productive meetings, brainstorm and share ideas with colleagues in the room and just as easily host a video conference. IBT’s interactive displays are great for training, marketing activities, conferences, presentations, sales planning and more.





Windows, MAC and Chrome compatibility.

Simply connect your Windows, MAC or Chrome laptop and use the IBT interactive display’s interface to work quickly.

Access to your day-to-day applications.

You aren’t limited to our software, use all your usual software like PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc.

Integrated Windows PC option.

Add an integrated Windows PC and get a streamlined all-in-one solution, no need for a separate PC or laptop.

Smooth, natural writing experience

Touch, write or swipe to share ideas and collaborate, just walk up to the screen and start writing, the writing experience is smooth and natural with no jagged lines and no need for special pens. Don’t like your handwriting? Use handwriting recognition and shape recognition to neaten up your notes.

Designed to get what you need to do, done

It’s not just reliable hardware, along with the ability to use your existing business software, IBT provides software that supports your business processes. Digital Whiteboarding for mind mapping, annotating, paperless flipcharting, presentation, digital signage and more, BYOD collaboration and screen mirroring and VCC for video conferencing and real time collaboration.

With no ongoing licence fee, our included digital whiteboarding software offers your business paper-free collaboration and dynamic presentation. The Hive digital whiteboarding software can also open Word, PowerPoint, PDF, SMART and Promethean files without you having the original software installed, giving you the option to remove expensive licencing options.

Access your files from Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive directly from within the digital whiteboard (no need to move in and out of applications).

Share you ideas with wireless screen casting

The Xi ONE Series offers the ability to connect wirelessly. Mirror up to four devices (Windows laptops, Android tablets/phones, iOS) wirelessly, perfect for sharing notes, documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more, making paper-free meetings a reality.

Wireless collaboration quickly and easily

The Hive software allows users to connect to a collaboration session using their own laptops or tablet devices and brain storming together on the same digital whiteboard page from the comfort of their own seat.

Highly rated and super easy

IBT technology includes the ability to annotate on top of absolutely any file type. Write over websites, images, videos, PDF’s, Microsoft files and save your notes by easily capturing the screen content.

So versatile it's a digital whiteboard, a display and everything in between


Video Conferencing

Performance businesses can rely on, adding a VC pack to your IBT interactive display makes sure everyone in the room can be seen and heard. The Logitech Group Camera gives you a wide field of view, razor-sharp video and crystal-clear audio with full duplex omni-directional speakerphones. The camera can be mounted on the video conferencing shelf of the floor stand so it so that it is positioned optimally above the interactive touchscreen. IBT VCC software adds collaboration to your conferencing sessions.


Training and Collaboration

Make teams stronger and more productive. Collaborate on projects using touch technology, the simplicity and familiarity of the technology removes the need for specific training. Just tap on the screen to select icons or links. Drag in files and pinch and zoom to share the content you want. Write on the screen with a stylus or your finger.


Meetings and Presentations

Get people’s attention and impress clients with state of the art technology. No ugly shadows, and no need to dim the lights or close the blinds, keep your audience engaged with your content with an exceptional viewing experience even in a brightly lit room. Run Powerpoint presentations, write notes on the whiteboard, play videos, access web content and use all your Windows software all through the touch interface.


Digital Signage

Why not use them as impressive digital signage or interactive sign-up areas during events. IBT interactive display solutions are designed using 5mm thick toughened scratch resistant glass, interact without worry of damage. No special cleaning is required, a lightly damp cloth can be used to wipe the surface of the touchscreen.

Plug-and-play connectivity

With over 20 connectivity ports, located on the sides and front and the ability to connect devices wirelessly, you, your colleagues and visitors can connect and share, present and collaborate quickly and flexibly with the audience in the room. Move easily between connected devices using the front button, the on-screen Intellipanel or the remote control.


Helping others to get connected

Generate a wi-fi hotspot directly from the Xi ONE Series so that visitors with their own devices can connect to the internet. Eliminate the need to have IT departments issue access keys for visitors, keep your business network secure and virus-free, let visitors connect without compromising secure network integrity.

Scratch Resistant and Super Tough

IBT solutions are easy to use, commercial grade interactive displays that provide years of dependable use. With toughened scratch resistant glass perfect for a multi-touch environment, colleagues can collaborate on the screen together at the same time without worry of damage. No special cleaning is required, a lightly damp cloth can be used to wipe the surface of the touchscreen. With one of the lowest failure rates in industry, buy with confidence.

Engineered for performance


The optional Intel Windows PC module simply slots in and is as easy to maintain like a normal PC.


All you need to do is turn the touchscreen on and you are ready to work, no turning on this and then that.


IBT interactive displays that combine an integrated PC’s only need one plug for power and give you Windows and Android seamlessly.

A traditional interactive whiteboard and projector system can consume 1010w of energy, an i55 IBT interactive display uses 230w of energy giving you a significant saving in energy consumption.

With no replacement bulbs to buy and a life span typically of more than 30,000 hours the economics make sense. The IBT solution offers you significant savings on total cost of ownership and return of investment.

Users of traditional projector based systems will notice IBT interactive displays are easier to maintain. You’ll also notice there is no calibration required. Learn more about the ROI >

A truly flexible solution

Pair one of our interactive displays with one of our mobile floor stands (installation is simple, you can be up and running in hours), and benefit from a mobile meeting hub/huddle space. Simply move it into position and if you’ve chosen an integrated PC module, it needs just one plug for power. The integrated speakers produce a great all-round sound and mean you don’t need to buy or make space for separate speakers, making the solution even more flexible.


Choose a screen and decide if you want to add an integrated PC or one of the money-saving Packs.

With a range of sizes from 55” to 86”, finding the right sized screen for your space is easy.

Choose a Pack if you want the integrated PC and additional accessories and software for a complete business solution. Both Packs include a floor stand so you can use your interactive touchscreen as a pop-up hub. If video conferencing is vital for your business then the addition of the VC Pack ensures that you have a wide view of the room during conference calls.


If video conferencing is vital for your business then the addition of the VC Pack ensures that you have a wide view of the room.


It’s really simple, click below to get in touch.