3 ways interactive displays can improve your drawing experience

    3 ways interactive displays can improve your drawing experience

    3 ways interactive displays can improve your drawing experience 400 225 IBT

    Being a fairly young artist, I always imagined the struggles I went through, trying to complete a piece of artwork, was all down to my lack of experience. But it turns out that all over the world, artists like me are struggling to draw the exact same things. Knowing this, I started to experiment with interactive displays and the results I found were life-changing.

    Drawing ‘The Other Eye’ (Duh Duh Duhh)

    If you are like me then you dread even the thought of drawing…”The Other Eye”.

    One minute you’re drawing what you envisioned being the greatest masterpiece of your life and then the next, you’re covering up ‘The Other Eye’ with a rather wonky looking fringe. Somewhere in that time, your eraser has become your best friend, as well as, a few Youtube tutorials, teaching you ‘The Secret of Face Proportions…’.

    What? Did you think you were the only one?

    The Solution

    IBT’s interactive software ‘Hive’ allows you to avoid all the headache and skip right down to the fun part. How? By simply selecting, “Group, Clone and Flip”. It’s really that easy!

    1. Circle around the drawing
    2. Click on three thick lines and select “Group”
    3. Go back and select “Clone”
    4. Then finally select “Flip”.

    And voilà… introducing your very first symmetrical pair of eyes.

    Drawing Body Parts

    Ever heard of the saying, ‘When in doubt, do without’ ? Well, unfortunately, that was my motto when it came down to drawing a pair of arms. No matter how much I practised, they always came out looking like lifeless sausages (and that was on a good day).

    Again, sound familiar? Don’t worry if it does because the solution is quite simple.

    The Solution

    Hive allows you to resize whatever you want, you can also resize your selected objects outlines really easily, keeping frustration at bay.

    Painfully Expensive Art Supplies

    No matter where in the world us artists go, the prices of art supplies will never change. Stocking up on paints, paintbrushes and other artist material is not to be compared to simple grocery shopping. No, shopping for art supplies can now be classed in the same category as shopping for furniture. Why you may ask? Well, basic paints packs alone cost around £20 and that’s if you want the decent stuff! So by the time you’re all stocked up, you might as well start sketching out your imaginary dinner too.

    The Solution

    In contrast, Hive offers endless canvases, an unlimited colour range, various brush sizes and textures. And that’s not all! You also receive different page backgrounds, stickers and tools designed to make your life easier.

    If you’re liking what you’re reading then why not arrange a free demo with us and experience first-hand what other amazing things Hive can do!