10 things you get when you buy an IBT interactive display

    10 things you get when you buy an IBT interactive display

    10 things you get when you buy an IBT interactive display 477 220 IBT

    1. Robust, scratch resistant interactive displays.

    The tactile interactive display’s surface (some incorporate scratch resistance perfect for the multi-use environment) allows ways for people to interact with each other and work together to arrive at the solution, making sessions really engaging and productive.

    2. Easy to use.

    People actively participate because the technology is easy and familiar to use, you get more effective and more exciting collaboration on an interactive display – people feel confident getting up and writing or drawing and navigating the content they want. Presenters can deliver really dynamic sessions because the learning curve is minimal.

    No reams of paper to keep track of, make your notes collectively on screen. Display people’s thinking, use the interactive display to make giant Gantt charts or action plans for all to see. Easily move ideas and group things together and enable everyone to see the thinking that is going on in the room, then simply share the file after the meeting; interactive displays can synergise your business processes.

    3. No calibration required.

    Just turn the screen on and you are ready to go! No need to spend time trying to calibrate it between lessons. The interactive display’s sound is also played directly from the integrated speakers so there is no need to make space or buy separate ones.

    4. Powered by Android mini pc so you can start working straight out of the box – pre-installed apps and useful widgets.

    Some of us are visual learners, preferring pictures, videos and diagrams, while others respond to spoken and written word, music, logic and reasoning or even physical activities. Interactive displays can give you easy access to the web, apps, software, videos, HD images, sound, drawing and annotation tools and more.

    5. Connect your own laptop/PC or Mac and get to work with minimum fuss.

    Interactive displays have multiple connectivity ports so you can connect other devices in the room, one of the most common connections you’ll use is an HDMI connection between the interactive display and a laptop.

    You then connect the USB touch between the two and can interact with the content on your laptop from the interactive display!

    6. Option to integrated a Windows PC – an all-in-one seamless solution.

    An interactive display with integrated PC just needs one plug to power it making it really flexible. Pairing an interactive display with a mobile floor stand (the installation process is simple and straight-forward) means you can move it around as needed giving you a meeting environment or huddle space wherever you need it.

    You can also use it as digital signage during events to inform visitors. .Just move it into position, plug it in, turn it on and it’s ready!

    7.  Opens SMART and Promethean files.

    Fantastic whiteboarding software that opens SMART and Promethean files with all the layering and animation intact so you can still access all your old resource without paying a subscription fee!  Drag and drop resources online from SMART Exchange and Classflow.

    8. Collaboration and file sharing with than other devices in the room.

    Interactive displays can help facilitate brainstorming sessions. Make sure the solution you choose includes interactive digital software that can make it easy to get everyone’s ideas down. Hive is one such software that has an infinite canvas; everyone’s ideas can be on screen at once so you can work together to arrive at the solution. It becomes easier to present ideas in a way that fosters discussion with interactive software designed for interactive displays. You can also set up collaboration sessions so that people in the room can connect to the interactive displays using their own devices and collaborate on content interactively.

    If your interactive display supports screen-casting you can often cast up to 4 four screens simultaneously to the interactive display to share desktops in real time.

    9. Direct access to your files saved in Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, so you can build your content easily.

    Our software allows you to access your all files from just one location! Its integration feature means that you can open saved files from Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive so you’ll never have to worry about building your content again.

    10. Reliable technology with one of the lowest failure rates in industry.

    IBT’s interactive displays combine the touch technology your team and clients are familiar with and the software you use regularly. Our screens are not only durable but scratch resistant with a reassuring warranty to give you that additional peace of mind.