Do you want to know who is in your building?

The IBT VMS system offers a budget-friendly visitor management system for businesses who want to provide their guest with a professional sign-in process. The 21″ touchscreen PC comes pre-installed with the VMS software.

Visitor Registration

Keep a record of visitors and staff. Staff simply scan their pre-issued cards in and out. Visitors register using the touchscreen and the integrated webcam takes instant ID photos, badges can be printed off in seconds.


The VMS also has a rechargeable battery so that it can be used wirelessly. The on/off button is located very discreetly to the side of the screen so that the system cannot be switched off accidentally by users.

Admin Panel

Admin users can log in to issue lost badges and see who is still in the building in the event of an emergency. Easily upload your logo and organisation name to the home screen to give your visitors a professional welcome.

Mounting Options

The modern professional 21” Windows PC touchscreen can be wall mounted, used free standing or mounted on a desk mount with a flexible arm to allow users of different heights to reach easily.