Offering you impressive screen clarity

We invited a panel of users to compare an 55″ interactive display with an 84″ projector screen in a classroom. The test was conducted in daylight. 100% of the participants agreed that text could be ready at the foot of the 55″, whilst none of the panel could read the same text at the foot of the 84″ projector screen.

Traditional projector systems need a larger surface area to make a comparable impact and be seen across the room, this isn’t the case with interactive displays. Choose from 43″ to 98″ interactive displays to suit your budget and environment.

Clearly presented content to help engage your audience

Crystal clear text, video and images reduce eye strain and keep your audience engaged with your content, the students here were actually trying to watch Mad Max on the projection screen for their assignment.

Watch and read screen content with exceptional clarity in daylight without reflection or glare – no need to darken the room.

Moving from a traditional projector system

Here are a few more things you won’t have to worry about when you move to an IBT interactive display solution.


Save money and time – there are no bulbs to replace or whirring fans to clean.


No undesirable shadows when you move in front of the screen.


No time wasted calibrating the screen during use.