65 Motorised Capacitive-Touch Touchtable

The integrated P-Cap technology of the 65″ touchtable offers you a touch experience similar to premium touchscreen phones and tablets – experience greater writing fluidity and accuracy. Raise and lower the touchtable with a touch of a button. With built in Windows and Android, get working straight away.

Motorised Height Adjustment

Raise the touchtable leg height from 590mm up to 890mm. Raise and lower the touchtable with the conveniently placed buttons.

Bonded P-Cap Technology

Stand out from the crowd. The 65’s bonded solution offers greater structural integrity and a more aesthetic look as there’s no gap between the touchcscreen and the glass.

Easily accessible connection ports

The 65″ touchtable connection ports are located on the side and concealed by a flap – giving you easy access and protection from inquisitive fingers.

Wireless Screen Casting

With built-in Miracast and MHL support, cast tablet, phone and laptop content onto the touchtable without wires.

Integrated Speakers

Two 15w speakers and a 15w subwoofer on the side provide a powerful sound experience. No need for separate speakers.

Touch Keyboard

No need for a separate keyboard, call up the touch keyboard easily.

No Calibration

No time wasted calibrating, just walk turn it on and start working.

Integrated Windows PC

The integrated quad core Windows PC means you can install all your favourite Windows applications directly on the touchtable.

Active Pen Compatible

The capacitive technology means you can active pen for the ability to draw with pressure sensitivity and greater detailing.

10 Point Touch

The 65 touchtable supports up to 10 points of touch.

Human Body Detection

The 65 touchtable detects movement and will switch on from standby – ready for interaction.